1.Switch on 850℃ of Caloric Force can be gained in only 90 seconds!

HIGO-GRILLER can make a caloric force at 850℃ in only 90 seconds,and the heat is generated at the time of perfect combustion of Bincho charcoal which is the ideal caloric force for a direct grilling on an open fire.
This quick performance provides no trouble in switching on and off operation.
Convenient handling as if a switch was fitted to a charcoal.
Either of high caloric force and low caloric force can be set freely.

2. Smokeless and Clean Fire Grate

Because of the extremely high temperature of 850℃on the surface of the heater (Nichrome wire),smoke is instantly burned away.
Therefore, the fire grate is always kept so clean that it is not necessary to clean the device.
All the precious time and labor can be concentrated utilized for the business operation.

3. Three Fire Grates Designed to Operate Independently& Three-Staged Temperature Control Switch.(H-123/P-123KC/P-124KC/TAN-4/KP-100 model is different)

Fire grates are divided into three parts (left, middle, right), and temperature of each fire grate can be controlled at three stages (high, medium, low).
With the use of each fire grate, different materials can be grilled independently,and a required fire grate alone can also be used for the improvement of both work efficiency and energy-saving.

4. Low Voltage Safety System 200V-20V

Power source of 3-phase 200V is used, but the voltage has been lowered to 20V by the built-in transformer to avoid danger of electric shock.
Besides,there is no danger of toxic gas as carbon monoxide, explosion, etc.

5. Good Device Forever!!

The outer body is made of stainless steel and highly durable.
For the heater, the highest quality thick Nichrome wire is used. Therefore, the long term use of the heater can be obtained without abrasion by heat and breaking of wire.
The built-in transformer can be used semi-permanently.
The transformer will not break unless there is a flood damage or the like.